Let me introduce myself...

Hi, Roman here!

For as far as my mind can track back, filmmaking has been the core of my essence.  It is a
part of me and has always been the center of my focus.  As a little kid I grew up being creative
and obsessed with telling stories.  At the age of six I was fortunate enough to receive my first
video camera, soon after followed the video documenting of the extravagant lives of my Legos
and Action figures.  

Once I entered high school I tightened the ropes and stepped up from toy
documentaries into a more serious and professional approach.  I wrote- and directed short films
for school and in my free time experimented with some film projects with my friends.  I was
happiest with my camera in hand and my hard work payed off with some of my films making it
into film festivals.

The next step was discovering my true purpose on this earth, wedding filmmaking.  It didn’t take much to get hooked, I fell in love with it instantly!  They were so different from making short films.  They don’t require a script or directing actors.  All you have is being in the moment.  And making that moment last forever.  Real people in real time, with genuine reactions and emotions.  You can’t script the day of the wedding. You can’t script the smiles, the laughs, the tears.  

This is why I love wedding filmmaking.

It’s real. It’s raw. It’s life. It’s you, and your story.