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Life is too short for small talk so I like to skip all that and get right to the good stuff.

I might start 17 different conversations with you, but I guarantee each and every one will be fun. Point A to Point B? Nah, I’m an A to Y to H kinda guy. It’s all part of the excitement. Within minutes of meeting you, I want to know where you’re from, your favorite TV show and pizza place, as well as who you love and why.  

I believe that our best moments are the ones that take us by surprise. Where we get to feel genuine emotions: true excitement, pure joy, profound meaning.

I love making wedding films because weddings are full of those kinds of moments. They are completely unscripted. The faces, the tears, the dance moves—they are all unadulterated feelings, caught on film to be remembered forever.


My mom gave me my first camera when I was 6. The first films I ever made were of my LEGOs. Eventually, I graduated to directing short films and eventually weddings. And my mom was there for all of it. She was my best critic, my loudest cheerleader, and my best friend. She passed away three years ago and I miss her every single day. Her absence is tangible to me. But it reminds me daily of the importance of memories and our duty to capture them. She fuels my work. This has been my dream, one that grew deep down in my soul, for my entire life. To see me living it out? It’s all she would have wanted in this life.