Adam + Devin

Married in Cayucos, CA


I was always one of those girls that said,

         "I will never date a military man". I moved to a very big military town and swore to friends and family it wouldn't happen. Well, a few months in, I met Adam through a dating app, and was instantly smitten. From the moment I met him, I saw someone beneath the uniform that I knew I coudln't live without and I quicky changed my tune. Our first coffee date lasted 4 hours, which means something considering Adam hated his coffee. On our second date, I met his second family and closest friends. Our relationship progressed quickly but naturally. Although our first couple dates sounded normal, our dating relationship was anything but normal. Within the first 3 years of our relationship, we spent over half of it appart between two deployments, and times underway. All of that time apart led up to a couple homecomings that lasted only a few seconds. But they were so worth it. Jumping into my best friends arms, holding him close, and knowing he is home safe: is unreal. There is no greater feeling, except for maybe our wedding day when we finally became man and wife. That first kiss, be it after a deployment or after vows are shared are moments frozen in time that will never be forgotten. -Devin Granic



Venue/planning- Cass House Cayucos

Photography- Cate Beth Photography

Flowers- Flowers by Denise

Hair/ beauty- Britt Tarr 

DJ- Kramer Events